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Drupal 6: Passing values to menu items when using drupalgetform. Posted by jcarreer on January 2, 2008 at 4:58am. I need to pass the wildcard at the end of

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Go to 24 string references to 'drupalgetform' usually redirects to another page (or to // a 'fresh' copy of the form) once processing is complete. Go to ยท Drupal API 4.7, drupalgetform($formid, & $form , $callback = NULL). 5 form. This ensures that any submitted form was actually requested previously by the user to protect against // cross site request forgeries. Apr 24, 2008 - So for my example it went like this: drupalgetform(contact); function reading the page arguments from my hookmenu callback correctly.

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Go to Example: Form API: Examples demonstrating the Drupal Form API. . array( 'title' => 'Extensible wizard example', 'page callback' => 'drupalgetform', 'page arguments' => array('formexamplewizard'), 'access callback' <?php; /**; * @file; * Examples demonstrating the Drupal Form API. at the; * @link Examples for Developers project page. Nov 26, 2013 - I'm trying to create a page with two tabs, each of which has a form which in drupalgetform() (line 123 of /var/www/drupal/includes/ 19, 2010 - Printing a form on a page with drupalgetform (Drupal 7) [SOLVED] In drupal 7 drupalgetform() See the problem was with embedding the form for another entity type in a page,?Drupalbuildform -?Drupalgetform | -?See full list -?Drupalgetformdrupalgetform | | Drupal 5 | Drupal API! to 5, drupalgetform($formid) function drupalgetform($formid) { // In multi-step form scenarios, the incoming $_POST values

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