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Case Statement, Guide to Sybase, Oracle, UNIX, and More.Jan 1, 2013 - Try adding "then" to the second case: declare @test varchar(32) select @test="/data/dump/team/" update link set link.value= case when

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This procedure using a CASE statement classifies the products listed in the Products table of the demo database into one of shirt, hat, shorts, or unknown: Apr 30, 2012 - You can simplify it to this to use a single query rather than two. You still need the one because a GROUP BY in an UPDATE doesn't work. UPDATE bi Apr 29, 2013 - The switch statement is a specialized form of conditional.

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The CASE expression provides conditional SQL expressions. You can use case You cannot use a subquery as a value expression in a CASE statement. The switch statement performs the same kind of comparison as the third format of the if/else statement; it executes a specific statement or set of statements based SELECT stationType, ProfileMode = CASE stationType WHEN stationType = 0 THEN 'Med' WHEN stationType = 1 THEN 'Profile' WHEN Sep 6, 2011 - Sybase as the equivalent of switch statements, except they are not called 'switch' but rather 'case' and have the following two forms: Feb 16, 2014 - The Sybase Case statement is handy for performing conditional SQL Expressions. Recently, I needed to summarize the number of static host

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